Homeowners must ensure that private contractors adhere to and respect all DPL rules and regulations as it relates to contractors while working on property. 

Other than food deliveries and emergencies, contractors will only be allowed entry into our community during office hours 9:00am-5:00pm. Exceptions can only be made by advising the office ahead of time. Otherwise, the security at the gate has been instructed to deny entrance. 

Contractors must cart away ALL the debris generated in the course of their work. No contractor engaged to perform work on behalf on an owner shall dispose of any debris from the job in the garbage bins, down the garbage chute, in the dumpster or anywhere else within the confines of Delaporte Point. ALL debris from the job must be removed from the property and carried to the City Dump. This is a fineable offense and carries a fine of $200 which will be charged to the owners’ statement of account. 

If a Contractor damages any of the Common Areas/Elements, the Unit Owner will be charged for the time, labor and associated costs necessary to restore the areas/elements to their original condition.  

Contractor (Unit Owner) is responsible for repairing or replacing any damage to a building’s common element if such damage occurs during the process of completing the contracted work.  

Construction work that produces dust must be sealed off from the Common Areas, and from immediate neighbors because of the risk of accidents, the unsightly image the construction site might pose, and the possible health hazards that might be caused by the dust.  

Private contractors must provide the office/security with a copy of their business license along with a list of names of their workers who will be on property. We will also need a timeframe for the project.  

Contractors hired by individual owners are expected to use the restroom in the house or apartment that they are repairing. Delaporte Point Limited does not have a public restroom

Scaffolding can only be left up overnight on the sides of the buildings or between buildings. Any scaffolding erected on the walkways must be taken down at the end of each day for the safety of all residents. 

If a private contractor requires the use of electricity, all their tools and equipment should be plugged into outlets in that house or apartment. The use of outlets in the common areas for private repair jobs is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. 

On Saturdayscontractors are only allowed to work between the hours of 9:00am - 1:00pm. Contractors are NOT allowed to do any sort of noisy construction/renovation work on Sundays or Public Holidays. No work is allowed during the Christmas Holidays (December 23rd through January 2nd). A MINIMUM FINE of $200.00 will be charged to the homeowner for contractors working outside of stipulated hours (without permission) and on restricted days.